Most software issues can be fixed with our Remote Repair or On-Site Services.

Hardware problems and some more serious software issues may need our Off-Site Shop Repair Service with Pickup & Delivery (Tuscon Estates Only)

Interested in a new Custom Built Gaming or Enthusiast Machine Setup? Contact us for a free consultation appointment at your location.

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Laptop software issues can be repaired almost exclusively by Remote Repair Support.

Laptop hardware issues are usually not fixable on-site and require our Off-Site Repair Service with Pickup & Delivery (Tuscon Estates Only)

Laptop Hardware Repairs most commonly performed are: Screen Replacement, DC Jack Replacement, Hard Drive Replacement (with Data/OS Reinstalled)

If you have lost valuable pictures or documents or other data due to drive failure or filesystem corruption you may need our Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery Service. Contact us for more information.

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Computers are great – until they break or become hard to use due to errors or freezeups or just slow.

Trying to use a slow or malfunctioning computer or laptop can be really frustrating. Software problems can bring even the fastest computers down to a slow crawl. Hardware problems can make the computer impossible to use. People all use the computer differently, have different software installed, different settings for similar software, different internet browsers and settings. Our main goal is to get the computer running the best it can and set-up as close as possible to the way it was before the problems started.